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The Active Life Podcast

Feb 24, 2020

How confident are you that the product you are selling will solve your client’s problem? 


How well do you truly understand your client's goal?


These are only a few of the questions you must be able to answer in order to earn the trust your client needs to give you a ‘YES’ without hesitation.


Today we are piggy-backing off of our last Turning Pro episode; if you haven’t listened to Coaches guide to sleaze-free selling, make sure to go back to episode 003. On this episode of Turning Pro, we discuss the 4 Pillars you absolutely need in order to gain trust and get a firm ‘YES’ from a client. We talk through developing certainty and building confidence with your client, how to communicate the value of your product and building a solid foundation to keep asking, even when the answer is no.

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4:00 - Do you turn people away?

9:50 - Building the Pillars

15:05 - Let them paint the picture

18:00 - How to ask again if they say ‘no’