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The Active Life Podcast

May 4, 2020

What service would you provide if money was not part of the equation, at all?

Most gyms didn’t start their business because they we’re looking to make money, yet most of the decisions that gyms make are guided by money. Services are created based on a dollar amount instead of being based on what a client needs to do in order to be successful and what that would cost.

Without understanding your beliefs, creating habits and communicating your message The Service doesn't really matter. If you haven’t listened to parts 1 through 3 of Business Building Hierarchy go back to episode 21. In this episode, Dr. Sean talks about designing your service, providing the right service for the individual and how you can create personalized results faster and more sustainably for the price you feel good about. At the end of this we want you to be confident about how to sell solutions, not time.

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6:00 - What if money didn’t matter?
11:45 - What would success look like
17:00 - What does it take to get results?
22:11 - Selling solutions not time