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The Active Life Podcast

May 11, 2020

The tactics are the top of the pyramid for your business; tactics are the skill and the techniques to deliver beliefs, habits, communication and the service.

If you have not yet created the stable base for The Business Building Hierarchy, head back to episode 21 on Turning Pro and start from Part 1 on creating your beliefs.

Some tactics will work, other tactics will fail but the number one thing you must always do is find the one that aligns with your values.

In this episode, Dr. Sean outlines a tactic you can implement for your gym that will be a “win-win-now”. This means that not only will your business win, but the community you are serving wins and you can get results, now.

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4:30 - Win, win, now
10:00 - Providing value
15:00 - Community partners
20:00 - Finding the tactic that fits you
24:30 - There’s value everywhere