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The Active Life Podcast

Nov 18, 2020

One of the most common problems we face with coaches who are ready to turn pro is that they don’t have a home at all or their current home isn’t conducive to turning pro. What’s worse, they don’t know how to find one. They WANT to go all in on their career. They’re ready. They’re willing. They just don’t know where to do it. They want an environment that inspires them – one that lives and breathes excellence, teamwork, and a vision for the future that strongly motivates everyone.

In Rory’s story, we outline for you the journey Rory takes from a small-town coach who barely makes a living at her gym and needs to look for other work, to a position in a top-notch, forward thinking gym. Here, Rory begins her journey as a professional coach earning a financially fulfilling income by delivering better results for clients than she’d ever been able to.

Rory’s story is filled with challenge, fear, doubt, and risk, and through intentional conversation and commitment to herself and her values, she finds the life of her dreams that no one around her thought possible. This is a MUST if you’re a fitness professional looking to establish yourself as a legitimate professional in the field.