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The Active Life Podcast

Dec 28, 2020

Welcome back to Episode 58 of The Active Life Podcast. Today on The Guest Show we have Mike Arce, Founder and Owner of Loud Rumor. Mike has one mission, and that is to help gyms increase their memberships. He has had a profound impact in the fitness industry for the last 7 years, and his work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and more.



In this episode we discuss;

  • The fitness industry and how it’s evolving
  • How to help gym owners adapt to changes
  • Different Perspective on sales
  • How to get infinite return on advertising
  • How to get 3 to 5 sales for every sale you make
  • Getting to the point you in which you can’t take more customers
  • Getting the business running successfully on it's own


Mike Arce:

IG: @mikearcelive @loudrumor

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