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The Active Life Podcast

Feb 5, 2018

Marcus Filly joins us on the podcast! As a CrossFit Games veteran, a lifelong learner, and a good looking, well moving man himself, Marcus is able to draw from experience when he coaches athletes who come to him and his team to look good and move well.

In this episode Marcus gets personal with us. We talk about topics like; what it takes to be a great coach, the value of having a coach, building a social media account, and of course, how to look good and move well.

This was an especially enjoyable episode to record because Marcus is a deeply thoughtful person. He is smart, he is self aware, and he really wants to help people around him become better while becoming better himself.

If you are asking yourself “why would Dr. Sean interview Marcus, doesn’t he run a company that competes with Active Life?”, the answer is simple, no, and if he was it would be even more valuable to have him on. Without competition growth stunts.

Marcus can be found at: