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The Active Life Podcast

Mar 5, 2018

Annie Miller is the next big fitness star, you heard it here first. Annie runs a company designed to help empower women in their fitness pursuit by educating them through their entire training process.

I wanted to have Annie on because I have a deep respect for the work that she is doing it as well as the way she is doing it. Annie is a pretty, young, likeable woman who could very easily grow her social media accounts by posting her butt a lot more often, and she knows it. But Annie refuses to use her looks to grow her following. She wants to bring people in for the right reason, she doesn’t want to have to sift through the crowds of people gathering to admire her appearance to find the ones who want access to the value her brain brings.

In this episode Annie and I discuss what it means to be a young entrepreneur, what the struggles are, what the successes feel like, and what she thinks everyone needs if they want to be successful at whatever they do. For those of you out there who want to start something but you’re afraid you won’t be successful, this episode was created with you in mind.

Annie can be found at: