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The Active Life Podcast

Mar 12, 2018

Britt Ghiroli and her sister April Co-Founded “Athlete Daily” when the reality hit them that quality writing and great storytelling was not happening in the fitness world the way that it was in other major professional sports. In this episode Britt discusses the massive undertaking that it has been to launch a business that started as a muse in a space where she had no contacts, no connections, no inside track. While Britt could publish an article for the Baltimore Orioles that she conceived and put on the web all before lunch and get 50,000 reads, she would spend weeks researching and creating an article in this brand new space for her brand new publication only to have friends, family, and maybe a few others find it. This episode is a great story about getting things done against the odds and rebelling against what comes easy. If you want to learn how to gain access to elite athletes, how to gain trust from powerful people, and how not to start a website (Britt and April made a lot of mistakes and we definitely talk about those too), then tune into this one.

Britt can be found at: