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The Active Life Podcast

Mar 19, 2018

The safety of CrossFit as a fitness modality has been debated since people found the website back in 2003. People lifting heavy weights fast and often. Athletes who find ways to bastardize classic weightlifting and gymnastic techniques for the purpose of efficiency often at the expense of technical beauty have driven many doctors to suggest CrossFit is dangerous. On this episode we speak with renowned Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Sean Rockett about just that. Is CrossFit safe? How does one make their experience in a CrossFit gym more safe? What risk factors are there? Why do doctors hate CrossFit? Is the traditional medical model failing us? We cover all of these topics and so many more in this episode.

While Dr. Rockett was able to communicate in avery layman language on this episode, this interview is a nerd’s dream. It is an absolute must listen for any coach or doctor who sees clients in the CrossFit or fitness space. Dr. Rockett is a wealth of knowledge and an example of humility. It’s no surprise that Greg Glassman (CrossFit’s CEO) has him on speed dial and has picked Dr. Rockett to head up the medical staff at the CrossFit Games every year. Enjoy this episode and share it with your friends, especially the ones who disagree.

Dr. Rockett Can be found at: