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The Active Life Podcast

Apr 9, 2018

Learn how the mindset Bill Anthes developed while serving the United States as a Green Beret has helped him develop as a coach and a leader in his fitness community.

In this episode we discuss various interesting topics like:

Should everyone be a leader?

How do you know if you should be a leader?

What is the difference between culture and community? Which is more important?

How do you empower your staff to run your gym in your vision?

What is BTWN The Ears (Bill’s Immersive Mindset Camp)?

And many more!

If you are someone who has great respect for the Armed forces and who wants to become a better coach, this interview will Bill Anthes is a must listen.

Learn to become a better coach and athlete through the principles that Bill discusses in this episode which are meant to make you a better person first.


Bill can be found at: