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The Active Life Podcast

Apr 23, 2018

“I’m in pretty good shape for my age” is a crutch. It’s personal forgiveness for not being in the kind of shape you could be in. Amy Mandelbaum proves this every day.

Not everyone wants to be in great shape. It’s not a major priority for everyone and that’s perfectly acceptable. The goals of some are not the goals of all.

But on today’s episode Amy Mandelbaum discusses how she is a different athlete at age 51 than she was at age 20 and age 40. We go into how this multiple time CrossFit Games Athlete approaches her training and her life.

“When you say ‘family first’, what does that really mean?” “How do you find time to workout with kids, a husband, a job, a house, and daily chores that need to get done?” These are the types of Amy answered today, but the way she answered them are far from your typical expected answers.

Want to be in great shape for any age with the mindset that you’re just getting started? Listen to this episode with Amy Mandelbaum!

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