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The Active Life Podcast

May 14, 2018

Mike Boyle is one of the people in strength and conditioning who has had the largest influences on me (Dr. Sean) as a coach.  Back in 2006 in Chiropractic School Mike was putting out content that was so full of common sense and practicality that I could not ignore it.

Whether it was an article of his on T-Nation or a video of him I found somewhere, I was consuming Mike Boyle content. The opportunity to conduct today’s podcast episode was truly a professional thrill of mine

We cover some crazy topics, most prominently why Mike thinks Squatting is much less valuable than most people do.

Mike “The Hockey Guy” Boyle, has worked with countless professional, olympic, and amateur athletes, many of them in hockey despite never even lacing up a pair of competitive skates of his own. If you want to learn today, you need to listen to this podcast.

Mike can be found at: