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The Active Life Podcast

Dec 17, 2018

There was a time when “coach” meant something in the fitness world. Now it seems you can get your title at a weekend workshop.


You are a less effective version of your full time self if you do something part time. There should be no debate about this. It does not matter how much passion you have for a profession, if others share your passion but dedicate all of their energy into being incredible at it, they will be better than you.


The unfortunate landscape we find ourselves in is one where there is an abundance of part time coaching happening at gyms across the country. What makes this worse is that sometimes the part time coaches are the best ones in the building. It is important you understand that this is not only a compliment to the standout part timer, but also an indictment on the industry.


I don’t know about you but I don’t to be operated on by the construction worker who does operations when the full time doc needs time off. I wouldn’t train MMA a few hours a week and expect to beat the guy who trains 30 hours per week in a fight. And I wouldn’t be on my part time self over my full time self.


In this episode I discuss the problems we face and the opportunities for advancement that I see in the effort to professionalize the fitness coach.





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