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The Active Life Podcast

Oct 8, 2018

Can you imagine if the most embarrassing moment of your life was also the scariest one? Can you imagine hiding a potentially fatal illness from your spouse and suppressing the reality of it from yourself only to have it show itself in public leaving you no choice but to reveal that you need help?


Dr. Chris Zaino found himself in exactly this position when his ulcerative colitis nearly claimed his life. Since his debilitating bout, and one incredible, life altering moment that we discuss in today's show, Dr. Zaino has turned his life around. He has won Mr. Universe for body building, he has operated a seven figure chiropractic clinic, he has coached entrepreneurs, and he has started his passion project, The Hero Secret Sauce.


This is one of the most inspiring podcasts we have released and if you are a person who needs to get yourself grounded and start the rest of your life you must listen to it.



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