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The Active Life Podcast

Jul 26, 2019

Guests: Ryan Cage, Bobby Weiler, PR Star CrossFit


People want more from their gym membership.


Especially in the case of “micro gyms” like CrossFit, the public perception is that membership is too expensive when an alternative is going for a run in the street for free.


CrossFit PR Star is an exception to that rule. With a loyal membership, and a robust personal training culture, CrossFit PR Star is charging more than most gyms, and overdelivering for its members.


In this podcast you will learn how gym owner Ryan Cage has empowered his staff to allow his coaches, like Bobby Weiler who is also in this interview, to quit his full time job as a SWAT Team member in Virginia to coach full time.


This is an important podcast for anyone who works in the fitness business or in a leadership position at their career.


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