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The Active Life Podcast

Nov 4, 2019

Did you know that only about 5% of the population will create & set goals for their life? Mind blowing right?!

That means roughly 95% of people out there are letting life happen to them, instead of for them. If you're listening to us it's likely you are one of the 5%. 

We love setting goals at ActiveLife, it is literally how this company was founded. Like today's guest, we believe that when it comes to setting goals, the bigger & scarier... the better.

If you regularly listen to ActiveLife Radio then you have definitely heard of Mark England; not only has he helped shape our staff and business through "Procabulary", he is creating better communicator's everywhere. He has been one of our top streams on this show, and we're stoked to have him back on ActiveLife Radio today. Since we last spoke to Mark, he has created another successful business called "Enlifted" which is devoted to building the athlete mindset through "Cognitive Fitness".

In this episode we're talking about setting goals that scare you, how your breath sets the tone for communication and we even get some insight on Mark's 50 year plan. Yes, I said FIFTY YEARS.

If you haven't yet listened to our first episode with Mark, make sure to go back and check out episode 138.


Show Notes:

9:55 Email ping-pong & feeling out your audience

15:35 Mark's #1 tip for better communication

26:20 Turning dreams into goals

35:30 Writing goals with "I" in mind

45:15 It's better to be in the arena than in the stands

55:32 Do this to get out of the "discomfort zone"


How to Connect with our Guest:

IG @markengland202 @procabulary @enliftedathletes

Learn more about Procabulary:

Learn more about Enlifted:


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