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The Active Life Podcast

Sep 16, 2019

Josh Kane lot the ability to think from a head trauma in the school yard. When he re-gained the capacity to think, everything was different.


Josh never took a thought for granted again. Unfortunately, there was one incident in particular when that intense need for intentional thought almost killed him.


Josh found...

Sep 9, 2019

Everyone knows that cookies are less healthy than broccoli, even IIFYM, so why do people eat the way they do?


On this episode with Laurie Christine King, we discuss the need for more emotional and mental skill development to improve diet outcomes.


We also discuss the nutritional implications of returning...

Sep 2, 2019

What would it be like to deliver corporate wellness programs to the titans of Silicone Valley like Stanford, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Uber...


That’s the question the Daniel Hong asked himself before he decided he was going to find out and become the guy who is the go to for all things fitness in the Valley. But...