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The Active Life Podcast

May 25, 2020

Are you a coach who is still making 4/9th for a personal training session without explanation from your boss? Are you a gym owner paying your employees 4/9ths just because you were told that was the ratio to use?

If you are still choosing your training rates based on an arbitrary number, chances are it is costing you more time and energy to fill your time slots.

In this episode Larry and Dr. Sean breakdown the math to set your floor and ceiling price based on your geographic location. We talk about setting expiration dates and design packages to create urgency, retain clients and most importantly, make more money.

5:00 - Setting your price
10:00 - You have to pay to play
15:00 - Filling your schedule
20:00 - Cost to the gym
25:00 - Navigating the splits

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