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The Active Life Podcast

Sep 29, 2023

You may be thinking that this title is hyperbolic, and that we don't actually mean it, there's some catch. But, you would be mistaken. 

We're not going to give away the riddle, you're gonna have to listen to the show to learn when it makes sense to pay twice as much money and get half as much service. 

And, we bet it's...

Sep 27, 2023

Next week we are going to release an interview with Eli Wilde, the all time leading sales person for Tony Robbins, today, Dr. Sean is talking with you direct about the most interesting thought he had while interviewing Eli. 



Sep 25, 2023

Christy tore her ACL, and while that's normally an injury people recover from fairly mundanely, Christy's surgeon made a mistake, twice.

Due to the damage done to her knee Christy found herself constantly compensating for her injury, both physically and mentally. She would introduce herself, and immediately alert...

Sep 22, 2023

We've all walked past a business that has core values on the wall that mean absolutely nothing. It's obvious that no one in the business has even looked at them since the day they were hired. 

In this podcast Dr. Sean breaks down how to make sure you are always acting in alignment with what you say you do. 

Sep 20, 2023

72% of Americans are either overweight or clinically obese. This is a huge problem, no pun intended. 

On today's episode of The Active Life Podcast Larry and Dr. Sean discuss how we got here, what to do about it, and how to do it. 

How we talk to people, what we talk to them about, and why we have the conversations are...