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The Active Life Podcast

May 30, 2017

Eduard Checo grew up in some tough streets. He spent his adolescence getting arrested wondering if that’s what the rest of his life had in store for him. Everything changed for Ed when he saw a man in a park doing some impressive stuff (A typewriter) on a pull-up bar. Ed decided he wanted to be able to do that, and he documented the journey. Barstarzz was born. Now Ed has over 160 million views on youtube, over 500,000 followers on Instagram, and is the father of a fitness, street culture that is sweeping the country. In this episode we talk about changing who you are surrounded by to become who you want to become, getting your first pull-up, and making a living documenting your journey. It was incredibly insightful for me and I’m sure it will be valuable to you. If you’re listening and you’re looking for work in video editing there is even an opportunity for you in there, but you gotta pay attention.

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