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The Active Life Podcast

Mar 26, 2020

Are you an entrepreneur trying to balance “I love my business” with “but my family gets in the way of it”?  We know it feels uncomfortable to say it outloud however it's the truth that many small business owners feel. 

This topic is a bit different than our usual content but we know that a large number of our listeners may be struggling with juggling long hours at work and finding energy at the end of the day.  

In this episode, Stu Brauer (WTF Gym Talk) candidly speaks about the factors that led to his recent divorce, how he and his wife are still living amicably and the conversations that were leading up to the decision to split. We cover topics like when it’s time to seek counseling (it’s not when you think), establishing expectations with your significant other and living your truth in order to be fulfilled in life and business.

If you’ve listened to Stu speak you know that he brings the realness without apology. We respect Stu so much for the transparency he brings to this show to speak on a topic that we know many may be ashamed to say out loud. 

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12:30 - Relationship counseling 
21:00 - The new work-life balance
40:00 - Finding love to fulfill what you need
48:50 - Discovering your partners needs
56:30 - Moving forward as the same person