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The Active Life Podcast

Jan 22, 2018

This is the most important episode we have ever done. The work James is doing will change the world as we know it if he is successful. And we are firmly in his corner! This is not one of those sexy episodes where you are going to change how you train, learn how to run faster, or gain insane movement capacity. But this is the first episode we have ever done which, if you take action, can literally make you $12,000 today. That’s not a joke, there is no catch. If you listen to this podcast and spend an hour of your time making the necessary changes, you could save $12,000 on your health insurance in 2018. If you are a single payer and your bills don’t even amount to $12,000 that’s even better, imagine cutting your costs by 70% and getting better service from the doctors you are seeing.

The current medical model is built to solve the problems of yesteryear. The doctor’s office is no longer always the best first line of defense when something goes wrong. James has an incredibly refreshing way to look at solving the healthcare crisis facing Americans, his solution could just change the way we all interact with our doctors forever.

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