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The Active Life Podcast

Jan 14, 2019

Bedro Keuilian is an absolute monster in the group fitness world.


A former personal trainer whose family immigrated from communist Russia when the Berlin Wall fell, Bedros learned from a young age what it meant to struggle. He took the lessons learned in his early life and transformed them into the fitness empire that is Fit Body Boot Camp.


In this interview, Bedros discusses some very vulnerable positions he found himself in and how he was able to use that vulnerability to his advantage. You wouldn’t expect a big, rugged, successful guy like Bedros to remember his former weaknesses so well, but in fact, that’s what makes him who he is today.


This is not the same Bedros interview you have heard on shows like the MFCEO, Impact Theory, or any of the other big podcasts Bedros has been on. This interview goes deep rather than broad and has some incredible, actionable messages that anyone who wants to be more can and should use to expand their personal potential, and MAN UP!


Bedros can be found at:



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