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The Active Life Podcast

Jan 21, 2019

Chris Spigner is an early adopter of the Active Life Methodology. Chris flew to New York from his home in Grand Cayman for our first ever official coach workshop. He was one of sixty coaches in attendance from over 20 states and five countries, and yet, he stood out.


Three years later Chris has become a go to for feedback about all services we offer to coaches through Active Life and because of conversations with Chris, we have done things including but not limited to: Adding private calls to the coach immersion program, adding business and sales training to our coach education programs, and removing our affiliate GPP programming. Yes, you read that right Chris told us it wasn’t any good, and while other coaches did enjoy it, between Chris and some other coaches who we look to for honest feedback, we decided it wasn’t good enough to release.


Chris has also moved the needle forward in his own local community as the founder of Seven Mile Corrective. A program that combine physical therapy, mindset, and fitness to get his clients out of pain without missing the gym. We discuss the corrective program on this podcast.


Chris is on the cusp of making a major name for himself. Listen to this podcast episode and tell everyone you heard of him first.


Chris can be found at:





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