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The Active Life Podcast

Jan 28, 2019

Dr. Glenn Livingston


What if you had a disorder and you didn’t even know it?


Dr. Glenn Livingston is a best selling author (600,000 copies sold) of the book “Never Binge Again”. In his book, and in this interview, Dr. Livingston, or Glenn as he asked me to address him, goes into his story of binge eating, how he realized he had a problem, and how he solved it.


Glenn is a fantastic story teller. It is obvious from the moment that the interview starts that he has told this story many times and it’s captivating to listen to it. The strategies that Glenn now helps clients with can help to overcome eating disorders, but they also apply to gaining control over your life in general. Workaholic, fitness crazed, sex addicted, doesn’t matter, Glenn’s strategy works.


Glenn can be found at:



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