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The Active Life Podcast

Mar 14, 2019

Meet Active Life 1 on 1 coach, Dr. Jen Lesniak


Dr. Jen was the first coach hired and trained by Active Life to take clients. A close friend of Dr. Sean since chiropractic school, Dr. Jen brings a lot of credibility to the Active Life staff.


Dr. Jen has competed at the North East Regional event as an individual twice, she owns Lumber City CrossFit in Buffalo New York, and she has run a successful Chiropractic clinic for nine years.


Dr. Jen is a mother of one and a mother figure to many. She is incredibly dependable, making her someone who is easy to rely on and trust.


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Enjoy this episode as Dr. Jen takes you on a trip down memory lane from Chiropractic School with Dr. Sean to now.


Dr. Jen can be found at: