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The Active Life Podcast

Mar 21, 2019

Meet Active Life 1 on 1 coach, Dr. Kate Dowd.


Dr. Kate came to Active Life a bit under a year ago as an attendee at a workshop. Kate was immediately drawn to the way that Active Life educates health and fitness professionals, and she decided to go full on with us.


Kate’s eagerness to join staff was welcome. She was someone who we spotted at the workshop as a clear superstar who we wanted to have on staff. Dr. Kate has lead clinics in the hospital setting and currently runs a physical therapy clinic out of her home in between taking care of her kids and working per diem at the hospital.


The definition of professionalism, Dr. Kate is someone who grounds the Active Life 1 on 1 staff. Enjoy this episode as she gives you an inside look to what she’s all about.


Dr. Kate can be found at:


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