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The Active Life Podcast

Mar 28, 2019

Meet Active Life 1 on 1 coach, Dr. Katie Harper.


Dr. Katie attended the first ever Active Life coach workshop, before we changed the model to be an effective one, and yet, she still stuck around!


When Dr. Katie came to the first workshop she was a physical therapy student, now, a full blown DPT, Dr. Katie in a major asset to the team as the only coach on staff who has a doctorate and prefers to make a living as a full time CrossFit coach.


Yes, you read that right, she prefers it. Dr. Katie had a job as a physical therapist at a successful clinic and she was making good money, and she decided that she prefers to help people get out of pain without going to the doctor or missing the gym, from the gym floor.


Dr. Katie is the only remaining competitive CrossFitter on our Active Life staff. This brings her unique perspective for those of you out there looking to keep your competitive juices flowing!


Dr. Katie can be found at:


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