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The Active Life Podcast

Jun 17, 2019

If you work in the fitness world, you have heard someone say "you don't get into fitness for the money."


We hate that expression. We hate it because we disagree with it. If you are a fitness professional, you did get into fitness for the money. You DID NOT get into fitness because of the money.


Everyone needs to make a living. Fitness professionals choose to do that by helping other people. Those who are true, dedicated, professionals, take their responsibility so seriously that it is the ONLY thing they are willing to do for money. That is the major mindset shift that it takes to be successful in this business.


On today's show, Dr. Sean interviews five coaches who have gone through the Active Life Immersion Course with the explicit intent behind it being to achieve financial freedom as a fitness professional. 


Each of these coaches wanted to stop struggling with time and/or money, and become the trusted resource in their area at helping people workout without pain and frustration.


Today, we dive into the decision making process these professionals went through before deciding to spend their money in exchange for education, and we learn about how their lives and those around them are different for it.


Note, on today's show we intentionally selected five coaches with massively different local demographics. One is a gym owner, the other four work in gyms. All five are winning.




The guests on today's show can be found at:

Samantha - @repair_and_rebuild

Chris - @7milecorrective

Jono - @jonobullington

Nick - @nick.stram

Stephen - @ferg_training



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